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Wouldn’t it be nice to introduce a new concept to your home?
Something that brings brightness, warmth, colour and a sense of individuality
  Lighthouse Glass Company has been established since 1988. We started off in Kilmarnock under the name "Designs by Gail" We changed the name when we moved to Irvine as although the Designs by Gail name sounded small and friendly it said nothing about glass. Glass brings light into your house, I love lighthouses, and it gave us a theme with which to decorate the workshop, which is near the coast. We have been in Irvine for since 2005.

Traditional, we design and manufacture Stained Glass Panels using traditional methods. Cutting coloured glass,painting and firing it in a kiln, making a leaded framework around it, soldering the joints puttying it, allowing for whatever reinforcing or saddle bars may be applicable, and installing.

Overlay, which is a modern method of leading glass, with all the lead and colour going on to the surface of the glass. This is most often used in modern installations as it works in tandem with toughened, security glasses and double glazing. Because I do both traditional and overlay I make sure that the Overlay looks as authentic as possible by soldering the leaded joints, utallising textured film and patina-ing the lead.

Triple Glazing, altering Traditional Stained Glass to suit new wooden or uPVC frames so that the old panel can be sealed within the cavity.

Sandblasting, popular in the victorian era as the clear/white of the glass brightens even the darkest hallway. It is versitile though, and can be used in conjunction with brilliant cutting for an ultra modern look.

Bevels, whether an ornate cluster or simple diamond. This adds literally a new dimention to the glass. The bonus with this style is that you can focus on clears and textures and not involve colour at all, if you don`t want to. However this doesnt mean that it will be a boring panel as you can see from the ... Noble Panel - in the gallery.

Fused Tiles, definately modern, there are thosands of combinations and settings that would suit this relitively new on the market style. The molten glass look of the tile is just beautiful.

Mirrors We can design to suit your decor or personalise mirrors for special occasions, weddings, anniversaries

Bathrooms & Showers Stained glass can look stunning in a bathroom providing that all important privacy whether it be used for a decorative window or perhaps shower enclosure, soft blues and greens can provide a calm and relaxing environment, for instance.

Kitchens The vibrancy of stained glass in your kitchen i.e. kitchen cabinets, windows or partitions, can add a new dimension to your work space, creating a happy and pleasurable area within which to work. Sunny yellows, oranges and reds work wonderfully well in a north facing kitchen
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    Other Uses

Doors/Mirrors/Skylights/Panels etc. Attractive strips of stained glass around a mirror in your bedroom or dining room can enhance and personalise your interior, creating a distinctive statement, the uses and effects are endless!

Commercial and Religious Sector
At Lighthouse Glass Company. Gail also produces stained glass projects for the commercial and religious sectors. Take a look at our portfolio and see for yourself the wonderment of colour and design.

Product We specialise in triple glazing which enables us to put your own stained glass into a unit so that you can have new frames. Our stained glass comes in a variety of textures including: laminated, slumped, bevelled, leaded. An extremely versatile and durable product, also with the added benefit of protecting furniture & carpets from harmful UV rays.
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